Eat Together Again

Billion Dinners is the social mission behind DinnerCall - a public benefit corporation that aims to bring families back around the dinner table.

Our Story

Once a month, our co-founder drives 5+ hours to enjoy a sit-down meal with his grandfather. While sitting by the fire and eating together, the two of them talk about life, politics, religion - all of the things people say you aren’t supposed to talk about around the dinner table.

However, it’s during these conversations that our co-founder continuously learns more about his family history, hears what his grandfather most regrets and most appreciates about his past, and makes memories that will last long past their time together around the dinner table.

And it was during these precious moments that we were inspired to launch the Billion Dinners movement.

Research has shown that families who eat together enjoy significant benefits over families who don’t, including: lower divorce rates, lower substance abuse, lower obesity, lower depression, happier kids, better grades, etc. Visit our Research and Resources section to learn more.

We’re on a mission to change the trajectory of society through family dinners, but we can’t do it without you!

Join the Billion Dinners movement by downloading the DinnerCall app ( iOS and Android ) to track and share your family dinners, create a photo album of time spent around the dinner table, and receive conversation starters to make mealtime more interesting.